7 signs you’re bitten by the betting bug

you’re bitten by the betting bug

You’ve spent half a day of looking for good betting tips, and now you’ve finally put together a good winning ticket. Then, at the last second, you add a more uncertain match that could double your winnings. But should you have done it?

Do you know the situation? Then you might be one of many who are well bitten by the betting bug.

There’s never been as much betting on sport as there is at the moment. And betting has never been easier, with both online and offline betting offering plenty of opportunities to find great odds.

We’ve collected 7 well-known statements about betting. If you can recognize two or more of these statements, there’s a good chance you’re well bitten by the betting bug:

1. You immediately regret your low deposit

Finally, it went home. Then, finally, it all came together, and you can happily convert your crumpled 50 into a 500.

But immediately, the thought hits you; why didn’t I drop a larger amount when the coupon went home?

2. You feel a bet is “safe money”

There have never been more betting experts on the big internet, and their interesting betting suggestions have now made their way into everyone’s Facebook feed.

Although statistics show that no expert comes close to winning every time, reading their betting tips can be less explosive. Unlike a classic newspaper article with two angles on the same issue, the “experts” often only give good reasons why their particular betting tip on the match is the best.

And without any counter-arguments, the betting tip must be bulletproof. Should we bet C$200?

3. You are considering betting on match fixing

In your Facebook feed, you are offered to play with “Russian Mafia Bets”. Instead of reporting the site to Facebook, you consider in a weak moment whether their alleged fixed matches actually are.

Facebook is starting to overflow with betting offers, and unfortunately, some of them are scams. We’ve taken a closer look at betting scams on Facebook.

4. You want to save your practice day with a “small bet”

Winning at betting can be a great feeling because you make money without lifting a finger. For many people, a betting win triggers the same parts of the brain that consuming too much alcohol or drugs does.

5. When betting should save your low tide

We all know it; it’s the end of the month, and you want to have a good time at the weekend. Unfortunately, a look at your bank account shows the sordid truth – you should probably stay home, cook some pasta and watch Netflix.

But what if you drop 100 on a good betting tip at odds 15.00? Then you can both go out and even buy your mates a drink or two.

6. You’ve won more than you’ve lost

Of course, you’re not a bad bettor. Hardly anyone is. The problem, however, is that few people have a proper overview of how much they’ve actually gambled over time. And how much they’ve won.

We humans (thankfully) tend to prefer to remember the wins. However, the truth for the vast majority of bettors is that they’re in a clear negative in the long run.

Even if your account tells you that you’re in the black, just think of all those impulse coupons you’ve played down at the kiosk!

7. Your extra match ruins everything

You’ve spent an entire afternoon researching a brilliant winning coupon to ensure an extra festive weekend.

But at the last minute, you spot the opportunity to add an extra match with sky-high odds, doubling the winnings on your ticket. You know it’s doomed, but the big win is just two bottles away.

The last match is lost, and now the whole ticket is worthless.

Are you bitten by betting?

Can you identify with two or more of the 7 statements? Then there’s a good chance you’re a betting fan.

Online betting adds entertainment and excitement to everyday life, but it can also become a problem for some people. Online betting should be fun – and nothing else!