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Thanks & Credits

In some ways a website is more complex to create than an illustrated book like A Flag for Canada. I couldn’t have made www.flagforcanada.ca half as good as it is without the help and support of quite a few:
Anthony Han and Minho Son of Image Bank Multimedia Inc provided the professional acumen and technical support that made the site possible. Anthony was also my constant guide, teacher (and occasional disciplinarian!). It was a real treat to witness the pride he took in midwifing this website into life.
Roberto Dosil, who designed the original book (for which he won a 2002 Alcuin Award) critiqued the site while under construction and generously burned a disk with all the original images from the book so as to ensure the highest quality of digital reproduction. Roberto and his partners at Stanton Atkins & Dosil, Mark Stanton and Don Atkins, made the original book (I Stand for Canada) a reality and have given it new life with the publication of A Flag for Canada.
Jan Walter of Macfarlane Walter & Ross, the publisher of I Stand for Canada, contributed enormously to the quality of the book that made it into print and, by extension, this website.
Rick Feldman, Christopher Moore, Christopher Needles and Athina Tagidou provided constructive criticism, useful information and bright ideas as this website was being built.
Image captions, credits & permissions
Note: Credit and permission information appears in parentheses after the caption. The following abbreviations are used:
CMCP: Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography
CP: Canadian Press
LAC: Library and Archives Canada
QUA: Queen’s University Archives
WFP: Winnipeg Free Press
Flash banner 1: Rick Archbold speaking at Mississauga Flag Day celebrations, February 15, 2009. (Rick Feldman)
Book cover of A Flag for Canada. (Stanton Atkins & Dosil Publishers)
Photo of Rick Archbold. (Rick Feldman)
A woman checks for flaws in the silkscreening as new Maple Leafs roll off the line at Dominion Flag in Toronto. (Brian Willer)
Chapter One: Young demonstrators on the west lawn of Parliament Hill show their support for Pearson’s Pennant, June 1, 1964. (Ted Grant/CMCP 64-3992)
Chapter Two: Canadian Olympic sprinter Myrtle Cook (far left) wins her 100-metre heat at the 1928 games in Amsterdam. (LAC PA-150994)
Chapter Three: A few of the thousands of proposed flag designs sent to the government by Canadian citizens. (Left top to bottom: LAC C-149323; LAC C-149324; LAC C-149329; LAC C149325; right top to bottom: LAC C-C149322; LAC C-149320; LAC C-149321; LAC C-149327)
Chapter Four: Left: The Red Ensign comes down for the last time at the Canadian embassy in Hong Kong, February 15, 1965. Right: A simultaneous lowering and raising aboard HMCS Fraser the same day. (Left: LAC PA-149878; right: Courtesy of the Canadian Forces.)
Chapter Five: Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion, assisted by event organizer Athina Tagidou, cuts the Maple Leaf’s 44th birthday cake on February 15, 2009. Surrounding the mayor are local MPs and MPPs along with several of the speakers during the ceremony. (Rick Feldman)
Photo of Rick Archbold. (Rick Feldman)
Your Vitality Quotient. (Random House of Canada Limited)
The Discovery of the Bismarck. (Madison Press Books)
Last Dinner on the Titanic. (Madison Press Books)
Kill or Cure? (Harper Collins Publishers Limited)
Conversations with Mummies. (Madison Press Books)
Manitoba provincial flag. (No credit)
British Columbia provincial flag. (No credit)
Newfoundland provincial flag designed by Christopher Pratt. (No credit)
Mississauga Festival Youth Choir sings O Canada following the ceremonial raising of the Maple Leaf Flag at Mississauga Flag Day. (Athina Tagidou)
The Maple Leaf is flanked by France’s Tricouleur and the Canadian Red Ensign on April 9, 2007, for the rededication of the Vimy Memorial in France. (Reproduced with permission of Veterans Affairs Canada)
Crowds await the arrival of Queen Elizabeth 1 and the other dignitaries attending the rededication of the Vimy Memorial. (Veterans Affairs Canada)
Prime Minister Lester Pearson is surrounded by a crowd of young fans of the new Maple Leaf on a visit to St. Jean Baptiste, Manitoba, October 7, 1965. (CP/WFP)
Flag Facts & Fictions
The 45 rpm record of “You’ve Got a Flag—Wave It” that was released by Columbia Records in 1965. (no credit)
Provincial flag of Quebec. (no credit)
George Stanley sent these hand-drawn suggestions for the design of the new flag to John Matheson, the key Liberal member of the Flag Committee. (George Stanley)
Design Your Own Flag or Coat of Arms
Coat of arms of the Canadian Heraldic Authority. (CHA)
The Canadian Red Ensign
All four Red Ensigns are courtesy the Canadian Heraldic Authority/Rd. Ralph D. Spence Collection/Ray Peterson, Photo Features.
Stuff for Students
Supporters of the Red Ensign rally on Parliament Hill as the Flag Debate is about to begin. (Ted Grant/CMCP)
Proposed national flags for New Zealand and Australia. (Clockwise from top left: Cameron Sanders; Harold Scruby; Jason Paul Troup; Mark Tucker)
The only known silkscreened prototype of the new flag, which is held in the collection of Queen’s University Archives. (Courtesy of QUA John Matheson Fonds)
Rick Archbold
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