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Flag Day Campaign

It’s a disgrace that Flag Day isn’t a national holiday
The flag is a symbol that unites Canadians, old stock and new. It’s birthday falls in the middle of February, when we all could use a long weekend. Canadians don’t have a single national day off between New Year’s Day and Easter. A Flag Day holiday seems like a no brainer.
The standard argument against adding a statutory holiday is that the economy can’t afford to lose another day of work. But Ontario has recently created a Family Day holiday that falls on the third Monday in February, which means more than half of the population already gets a February break. Saskatchewan and Alberta also call it Family Day; Manitoba calls it Lous Riel Day. The simplest move would be to fold the existing provincial holidays into a national Flag Day holiday that would fall on the third Monday of February, giving all Canadians a mid-winter long weekend.
On February 11, 2009, MP Peter Julien tabled the latest private member’s bill (C-313) that would legislate Flag Day into being. You can support his bill and sign an online petition by visiting http://www.flagholiday.com, a website dedicated to the cause. The site is tended by Ottawa’s Roy Mayer, who’s been agitating in favour of a National Flag Day for something like thirty years.
In early 2010, a new force for Flag Day appeared on the scene. This is a grassroots group called Flag Flyers, whose primary mission is to raise awareness of Flag Day and to encourage Canadians to turn it into something special. Their website is www.flagflyers.ca.
Before the Maple Leaf marks its 50th birthday in 2015, let’s make National Flag of Canada Day a statutory holiday.
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