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About The Author

Rick Archbold turned 15 the year Canada finally got a flag. The flag debate of 1964 coincided with his burgeoning interest in Canadian history and politics, interests that have nurtured his adult career as a Canadian writer and editor. In 1992 he won the Tom Fairley Award for Excellence in Book Editing for his work on John Sawatsky’s Mulroney: The Politics of Ambition. He is the author or co-author of many books of popular history, including the young adult title, Canada: Our History, an album through time. He’s had a hand in the memoirs of three prominent Canadian political figures. He ghosted the memoirs of Pierre Trudeau’s long-serving agriculture minister, Eugene Whelan (Whelan: The Man in the Green Stetson), and of the first woman leader of the federal New Democrats, Audrey McLaughlin (A Woman’s Place). He edited the memoirs of Canada’s first woman prime minister, Kim Campbell (Time and Chance).
He co-authored the bestselling The Discovery of the Titanic with the wreck’s discover Robert Ballard and went on to co-write several more books with the renowned scientist and explorer, including The Discovery of the Bismarck and Return to Midway. He is also the author Deep-Sea Explorer, a biography of Ballard aimed at young readers.
He was one of the founders of the Banff Editing Workshop (later the SFU Editing Workshop) and served for many years on the workshop faculty. For five years he taught Substantive Editing as part of the publishing program offered by the Department of Continuing Education at Ryerson Polytechnical University. He is currently on the faculty of the Humber College Program in Creative Book Publishing, where he co-facilitates the final month of this 4-month intensive training program for book publishing professionals.
His current writing projects include Possible Loves, a play about Benjamin Britten & Peter Pears, and How I Learned to Read Hebrew, a contemporary, multicultural comedy.
He has lived in Toronto for most of his 59 years. He’s an avid gardener and an enthusiastic sailor.
Rick Archbold’s published books
(* indicates Young Adult titles)
  • Whelan: The Man in the Green Stetson, by Eugene Whelan with Rick Archbold (1986)
  • The Discovery of the Titanic, by Robert Ballard with Rick Archbold (1987)
  • Your Vitality Quotient, by Richard Earle & David Imrie with Rick Archbold (1989)
  • The Discovery of the Bismarck, by Robert Ballard with Rick Archbold (1990)
  • Robert Bateman: An Artist in Nature, text by Rick Archbold (1990)
  • *The Lost Wreck of the Isis, by Robert Ballard with Rick Archbold (1990)
  • *Exploring the Bismarck, by Robert Ballard with Rick Archbold (1991)
  • A Woman’s Place, by Audrey McLaughlin with Rick Archbold (1992)
  • The Lost Ships of Guadalcanal, by Robert Ballard with Rick Archbold (1993)
  • Hindenburg: An Illustrated History, by Rick Archbold (1994 & 2005)
  • *Deep-Sea Explorer: The Story of Robert Ballard, by Rick Archbold (1994)
  • Robert Bateman: Natural Worlds, text by Rick Archbold (1996)
  • Last Dinner on the Titanic, by Rick Archbold and Dana McCauley (1997)
  • Lost Liners, by Robert Ballard and Rick Archbold (1997)
  • *Safari, by Robert Bateman and Rick Archbold (1998)
  • *Ghost Liners, by Robert Ballard and Rick Archbold (1998)
  • Ken Marschall’s Art of Titanic, text by Rick Archbold (1998)
  • Return to Midway, by Robert Ballard and Rick Archbold (1999)
  • *Canada: Our History, by Rick Archbold (2000)
  • Conversations with Mummies, by Rick Archbold and Rosalie David (2000)
  • Kill or Cure? by Carolyn Bennett and Rick Archbold (2000)
  • Thinking Like a Mountain, by Robert Bateman with Rick Archbold (2000)
  • I Stand for Canada: The Story of the Maple Leaf Flag by Rick Archbold (2002)
  • The Lost Ships of Robert Ballard, by Robert Ballard & Rick Archbold (2005)
  • A Flag for Canada, revised and re-titled version of I Stand for Canada (2008)
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