Roulette bots: software for playing roulette

Roulette bots

Roulette bots are becoming more and more popular, and there is no online casino player forum that does not contain a section dedicated to discussing this topic.

What they are

A bot is short for robots, and roulette bots are nothing more than software that offers players the ability to automate their bets at the roulette table, applying a precise betting strategy. Basically, through a roulette bot, you can automate your bets and let the software do everything, clearly hoping that it will help you get positive results thanks to its calculation capabilities.

To put it in an even simpler and clearer way, the roulette bot will play roulette for you, respecting the limits and settings you have established.

In the jungle of the internet, there are roulette bots of all types, some claim to work with online roulette, and others claim to be valid and useful at roulette tables in live streaming casinos. In addition, there is software that allows you to customize their features and others that are rather “rigid”. Finally, roulette bots also differ in price, which clearly can be more or less high.

How does a roulette bot work

It is difficult to go into the details of how a bot works and be precise because, as you can imagine, every software you find online has its own configuration.

In general, however, a roulette bot should be started; you define settings such as the maximum bet allowed, loss limits, the timing of bets, etc.

Then you log in to your trusted online casino, and the bot will take over the computer and start playing online roulette, following the settings that have been established.

Once the bot is activated, the player can also go and have a coffee or rest without being constantly in front of the screen.

Interestingly, many roulette bots also allow you to set the most popular roulette strategies known to date, such as the Martingale, the 6-distance method or the Fibonacci strategy, or to structure a strategy invented by the player.

Many sites that offer their roulette bots on the market extol the usefulness of this software by pointing out that, thanks to the automatic betting made by the robot, one can eliminate any errors in the placement of one’s chips, one can make complex bets even in the short time allowed for betting in live casinos and, above all, one eliminates the boring part of the game, focusing exclusively on the results.

Some might argue that roulette bots actually take all the fun out of the game and reduce the queen of casinos to a simple waiting game devoid of excitement and twists.

Let’s cut to the chase: do they really help you win more?

Roulette bots are simply software that automatically places bets following a strategy that the software manufacturer or its buyer has decided. Therefore, in itself, the results depend not on the bot itself but also on the game strategy.

Since roulette bots have to interface with the casino software to receive data on previous results and then decide on subsequent bets, there are always possible errors in the program that can invalidate the bot’s operation and purpose.

So the real discussion should be made on the effectiveness and usefulness of roulette betting strategies, which are a separate chapter on which online or offline have been written thousands of pages, dense you advise on how to play and win at roulette.

The point is this: roulette is a game of luck. Each outcome of a turn of the wheel is an independent event that is not influenced by what happened before and does not determine what will happen next.

So we can say that players who are convinced that a certain online roulette betting strategy works and makes them win, then they will find bots good support for the game, those who think that there are no tricks to increase the chances of winning at the roulette wheel will not know what to do with such software.